All dishes Pure Vegetarian; 47 Vegan dishes; Alcohol served

About Us

Founder and Owner


A man with a humble beginning. A dream to make it big. And a simple idea driven by a lot of passion. When you bring all three together, the possibilities are immense. Way back in 1981, our founder Mr. P. Rajagopal (Annachi as he is lovingly called) believed that few things bring about a smile of satisfaction like good food.



Our first branch of Hotel Saravana Bhavan was opened, primarily to bridge the gap of the non-existence of a quality vegetarian restaurant. Annachi, our founder was later joined in this quest by his sons, 

Mr. P. R. Shiva Kumaar and Mr. R. Saravanan who have lent their expertise in monitoring the day to day operations as well as initiating new business strategies. From then on, there has been no looking back. Ever since, our Hotel Saravana Bhavan has crossed milestones, set records, redefined the dine-in experience.



When the efforts are sincere, intention noble and the aspiration high, success is a natural by-product. We at Hotel Saravana Bhavan follow the perfect formula for success. Delicious food prepared under extremely hygienic conditions, served in a clean environment with a lot of passion and the reasonable pricing is the perfect answer to our gourmet, budget conscious customer. A menu of over 350 dishes in 10 categories, prepared to exacting standards and serving millions of customers across all the outlets, is a testimony to the impeccable quality and taste that our  Hotel Saravana Bhavan is famous for.